lunes, 16 de abril de 2007


This weekend I went out with my friends. we went to watch a movie in sambil. my friends and I had a great time, after that we went to est pizza as usual and end up in the front of the mall talking everyone of them a fighting each other as we use to do, that was really great


Sometimes people feel sick. well this was our third unit to study, sickness. sometimes people feels this way, get a headache or a estomachache and they don`t have the best day ever but they get trought it.


As everybody knows, all around the world are many cultures and each one of them has his own celebration. now i am going to talk you about one of my favorite celebrations of all, and this are the indian festivals.
There are festivals in celebration of the wind, the rain, the fire, animal forms and other animate and inanimate objects. The sun is eclipsed and for millions of people it calls for a holy dip. The moon reaches its full glory and the event calls for a feast. The rain-laden clouds come, to remind you of Lord Indra. Since it does not rain, nor do crops ripen at the same time all over this land, you will find the same occasion celebrated at different places at different times


Hello again I am here now to talk about my talents.
I am good at some sports like rugby and basketball, other things I good at is to study and reading long and complicated books or to paint really good paintings, I am really good talking to people too.

sábado, 14 de abril de 2007


Hello everybody: My name is Rodolfo Finol, I´m 17 years old and I am from Maracaibo originally. I study Mass communication in Urbe and I am part of the class S2A2.

I´m doing this because I have to, I need to be honest with you I dislike to do homework specially English.Well During the english course we studied some units about food ( likes or dislikes), the second part of our couse was about our habilities & talents, and the third part was about hollidays and directions. During our course we also learn how to use propertly verbs and auxiliars with thei conjugation in past, and how to use many other words.